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16-year-old entrepreneur builds successful woodworking business with cnc router.

by:YESHINE     2020-06-11
Richard Foster has been making gifts for his teachers, friends and relatives since elementary school and has become so good at it that people are starting to pay him.
Like millions of Americans, he grew up dreaming of building independence and financial security by developing his own business based on what he likes to do: carpentry.
The 16-year-old Foster faced a range of challenges early in his career, able to meet them and meet the needs of a growing customer base by improving efficiency and providing faster turnaround times.
At the age of 13, an effective breakthrough for Foster was the use of table saws, drill bits and power routers to make a wide range of components, including motors
His tennis coach\'s driving clock consists of hands.
A carved tennis racket of about 1 feet metres.
Shortly thereafter, Foster began to receive many orders from members of the tennis club.
The number of products produced by Foster is limited, as it takes four to five hours for everyone to carve with hand and power tools.
Soon, the order for the golf clock came, and next he knew that all his free time was occupied by the making clock, and he sold the clock for $80.
\"I find that more and more people want to buy clocks, but with school, there is not enough time in the day to make them,\" Foster said . \".
\"I am an avid reader of woodworking publications and learn about the computer CNC machine tools that are being used by the National woodworking store.
I also know that better machines cost a lot of money from $30,000 to higher prices.
I have seen some machines that are not too expensive, but I don\'t think they have the precision or speed to meet my needs in the long term.
Foster remembers reading a new low about Techno
Cost LC series computer numerical control (CNC)routing system.
The machine offers many features that meet the needs of Foster, including precision and low cost.
\"Technical machines seem to have all the features I\'m looking for,\" Foster said . \". \"Besides cost ($15,000)
It also provides smooth movement, high accuracy and repeatability, and minimal maintenance.
The LC also comes with the rhino computer-
Design software and visualization computer
Auxiliary manufacturing software.
I installed this machine in my garage at home and I am resting and running.
\"In addition to the low cost and efficiency, the Techno LC series has five sizes and 30 working envelopes. by 24 in. , 48 in. by 48 in. , 48 in. by 96 in. , 59 in. by 120 in. and 78 in. by 120 in.
The repeatability provided by each model is 0. 001 in.
And maximum speed of 900 ipm.
Optional equipment includes laser scanning module, various spindle selection, vacuum pump/pump and four-axis turntable.
The time to move and run the new router makes it possible for Foster to add his clockwork in a fraction of the time.
\"I started to define the geometry for my clock with theRhinoceros software,\" Foster said . \".
\"The process itself has an advantage because it requires me to fully define the design and make sure that every clock I produce is the same.
I then import the geometry into the visual factory, where I define the motion of the router needed to cut the clock.
Then I downloaded the generated G-
Code program for CNC router.
Foster then carried four-in. by 12-in.
Nail the board on the machine at a time and cut off the side of the 12 tennis clocks in an hour.
Foster then turned over the board and asked the machine to cut off the other half.
Each clock is made exactly the same as Foster\'s original computer model.
The accuracy of the clock is even better than a carpentry with 12 years of experience, such as Foster.
Foster then uses sand, paint and assemble the clock and they are ready to ship.
\"The new machine greatly reduces the time required for each dock,\" said Foster . \".
\"This makes it possible to halve the price of each clock, making my customers more affordable, and also giving me more time to design five new dock options: baseball, football, football, hockey and basketball.
\"Foster has set up a company called\" sports time \"and has found new ways to expand its business ---
For a person who is not big enough, getting your own credit card or driving to any business appointment is a pretty big challenge.
Techno engraving machine to provide the next step in the growth potential is the sponsor on Nasdaq.
The 100 open, in Biscayne Bay, FL, is a tournament with other companies such as Mercedes Benz and Royal Caribbean cruise company atennis.
He spent 570 minutes at a booth at the event.
His mother, Bonnie Foster, had.
Sign a contract and be a driver.
Foster has created new sales records and established an important new marketing channel for his company.
Helater became a sponsor of the CT New Haven Pilot Pen championship.
Foster\'s early start-up success led to media exposure, including television appearances on warehouse warriors, words to say and old age moments, and the Great Neck Records of the New York Times, The News daily, and NewHyde Park show all of this helps with the traffic on his website www.
It also helps to increase sales.
\"The low cost of the CNC router enables me to produce the clock very efficiently,\" Foster said . \".
\"The new machine has played an important role in helping me achieve a significant sales level with very little overhead.
Its ability and capability to operate independently provides the potential for our company to launch new products without any additional capital investment.
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