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the plastic injection molding information

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
Injection molding is a manufacturing method for the production of thermoplastic and thermosolid plastic resource parts.
The material is delivered to the heated barrel, combined and enforced in the molded cavity to allow it to cool and harden into the design of the molded cavity.
After the product design is completed, it is usually designed by an industrial designer or engineer, and the mold is made by the mold
Metal manufacturers.
They usually use steel or aluminum and precision-
Create a machine that features design parts.
Injection molding is widely used to manufacture various components from the smallest parts to the entire body panel of the car.
The injection molding machine is composed of material Hopper, injection molding machine or screw-
Type plunger and heating device.
They are also called Press beds, and they tend to keep the shape of the part formed.
The rated tonnage of the press indicates the number of clamping forces that the machine can withstand.
These forces are able to hold the molding off throughout the injection process.
Tonnage may vary between 5 tons and 6,000 tons, which is the highest number compared to other manufacturing operations.
The mold is the term used to describe the tools used to produce plastic parts for molding.
Usually, it is expensive to make molds.
They are usually used for mass production of thousands of items.
They are usually made of hardened steel, pre-
Hardened steel, alloy and aluminum.
By injection molding, the rough plastic is fed by gravity from the hopper to the heating barrel.
As the rough plastic is gradually pushed by the screw
Type of piston, the plastic is forced all the way to the nozzle opposite the molding and allows them to penetrate the mold cavity through the gate and the operating system.
The injection molding cycle is in the injection molding process of the plastic part, the development of the event is called the injection molding cycle.
After the mold is closed, the cycle begins and then the polymer is injected into the mold cavity.
When filling the cavity, the pressure should be maintained to compensate for the reduction of the material.
The mold will open and the part will pop up as the part cools down very well.
Trouble Shooting in process metering stage-
Optimized by changing the screw speed/min and reverse pressure.
The change in time is a necessary condition for reloading the screw, which indicates the stability of the phase.
Injection speed-
Optimized by reducing the pressure measured in the nozzle and the pressure measured in the cavity. Gate Freeze -
Contains methods to prevent sink markings and geometric failures. Cooling time -
Start after the injection part is completed.
It depends on the heat of the melted plastic, that is, the longer the cooling time.
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