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In the numerical control shearing machine fixture machining must pay attention to the point

by:YESHINE     2020-07-03
1. CNC shearing machine fixture should be set on the origin, The knife point) 。 2. CNC shearing machine fixture guide without setting tools. This is because the numerical control machine tool processing, machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece keep strictly the coordinates of the relationship, between cutter and workpiece without guide device to determine its location and position. 3. Often on CNC shearing machine should be carried out in several directions to the workpiece machining, so the numerical control machine tool fixture should be open. 4. Should choose as far as possible on CNC shearing machine adjustable clamp, assembling and modular fixture. For nc machine tools on the workpieces, often is a single small batch production, must adopt flexible fixture, short preparation time. 5. CNC shearing machine fixture clamping should be solid and reliable, easy to operate. The position of the clamping elements should be fixed to prevent in the process of automatic processing, components into the tool.
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