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Guangzhou popular type segment in the machine tool control system production first in the country

by:YESHINE     2020-06-30
On February 21, the guangzhou daily data and digital research institute ( English abbreviation GDI) Release & other; Guangdong innovation done ( 2016). List & throughout; List. List according to the rate of patent quantity, patent authorization, globalization, and the growth of five dimensions, influence of guangdong innovation mechanism for scientific evaluation, to find better institutional innovation, exploring the industrial innovation trend. Guangzhou as & other; Guangdong innovation done ( 2016). List & throughout; Make it big, has its own characteristics in terms of industrial advantage. Guangzhou on the agencies, computers, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing institutions accounted for the biggest, a total of 6 companies on the list, ranking the second. There are five general equipment manufacturing organizations, guangzhou has four, accounts for absolute advantage. At the same time, the medical scientific research and technology of manufacturing and related to genetic testing services belong to the category of biological medicine industry, with a total of five institutions, guangzhou one of establishments on the list in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, on the list, in the field of genetic testing has two organizations that guangzhou in guangdong biomedical fields also have strong competitiveness. Guangzhou affordable nc machine tool control system output, first in the country to be in south China and even the national nc system and nc machine tool of the important production base.
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