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For the love of bamboo

by:YESHINE     2020-06-10
There are more than 1,000 kinds of bamboo in the world, but we have not fully explored its potential.
Not only is this wooden SUGEN grass very good for roofs and furniture, but as we have found, they are currently being used to produce over 1,800 products, from textiles, stationery to fashion accessories.
As innovators in China try to use it as a replacement for plastic and metal, we have found this.
This handmade pen has a retro feel and is created to revive the art of writing.
Based on a concept put forward by American customers --
Who hired Ahmedabad-
Rhizome-based design studio is dedicated to its design
It is carved out of bamboo with a steel clip and a chamfer tip.
Each pen is equipped with a German ink refill.
\"Bamboo is a sustainable renewable material.
The production of bamboo products can provide a livelihood for poor communities and small producers in the case of effective design, \"said Rebecca Rubens, founder and chief designer of Rebecca, who has worked with the International bamboo rattan Network (INBAR)
Seven years.
She is now developing a range of holistic writing tools inspired by sustainable materials and processes.
Humble Pen is priced in pounds and is currently on project sales based on rhizomedesign. co.
The first product launched by InNote itThe Kolkata-
These notebooks use 3mm bamboo boards, which are the foundation of the Woodgeek brand --
Made by splitting bamboo and adjusting the size of the stick (
By cutting, planning and polishing)
And in the heat-press.
The boards are then used to make the front cover and back cover. The spiral-
There are 80 recycled brown paper and a free bamboo pen in the bound book. Although eco-
Friendly, their USP lies in their individuality.
Customers can engrave pictures and text (In any language)
The founder, Saikat Saha, said notebooks and pens are free.
The price starts at RMB 799.
Details: woodgeekstore
In addition to your office, this calculator is made of bamboo and plastic.
Laser at the top-
Cut off from the bamboo board of 3mm and combine with the hard plastic body.
Calculator can be customized-
Engraved with text or logo
They can only be used for bulk purchases depending on the order.
The price is 100 pieces 89899.
Place an order at woodgeekstore.
The ComClean easyOver 0. 15 billion plastic toothbrush is discarded every month in this country.
This planted the idea of a bamboo toothbrush in Yogesh Shinde, founder of bamboo India Mission, who introduced it in India at the end of last year. Sturdy and bio-
Biodegradable, they are made from a MOS variant of bamboo that is carbon (
Heat treatment to increase life and make it water
Antibacterial resistance).
Bristles are made of biodegradable nylon 4 and bamboo or corn fibers.
Shinde said that bamboo toothbrushes are quickly welcomed in the domestic and international markets and have been supplied to stores in the UK, Dubai, the United States and the Netherlands, who are performing the task of finding an ecosystem
Friendly alternatives to plastic products.
Since its launch in last August, more than 20,000 toothbrushes have been sold. Priced at ₹110.
Details: bambooindia.
ComSound zone is another innovative product from Bamboo India Mission, this acoustic Bamboo speaker and Mobile dock uses rare Bamboo found only in Maharashtra.
Each speaker is made of a single piece of bamboo, which is manually cut, polished and dyed.
A signature product, no two bamboo speakers are the same.
Every speaker is laser.
Engraved with name or logo, can be customized.
Stylish docking station and sound amplifier with zero charge, battery or plugins.
This is useful not only for playing music, but also for both hands.
Free calls, use apps like Skype. Priced at ₹329.
Details: bambooindia.
Based on dear earth, a lotion and soap have been created from active charcoal.
The bamboo charcoal lotion launched in 2014 contains exquisite bamboo charcoal, which can make your skin smoother.
It also contains organic aloe vera, inne oil, lemon oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, which can keep your skin soft and soft.
The soap was launched in 2013 and is made from healthy organic Exfoliating Therapy.
Finely chopped bamboo charcoal and organic poached oil can peel off your pores.
This soap is rich in soy egg yolk and can lock moisture and nourish the skin with vitamin E and fatty acids.
Bamboo charcoal can detoxify and nourish the skin.
The price of this lotion is 8850 and the price of soap is 290.
Details: dearearth. inPune-
Based on Pratha Naturals there is a men\'s soap made of active charcoal and mint.
This soap is made from a tenacious block variant of bamboo and is made of natural oil and butter mixed with traditional cold processing methods.
Charcoal absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities and other harmful substances from your skin and is a natural exfoliating agent.
It is also an effective drug for acne treatment.
The soap, which was launched in October 2016, is made of natural oils and butter mixed with traditional cold processing methods. Priced at ₹175.
Details: facebook
Shadow woodgeek, which went online in 2015, also has a range of bamboo sunglasses.
The frame is carved from a 12mm thick bamboo board and is planned and polished down. Hand-
To ensure the uniformity of the wood grain, sunglasses and prescription glasses are equipped with polarized lenses and special UV coating to make them waterproof.
The price is between 499 and 499.
Details: woodgeekstore
Water coma range-
Made anti-bamboo sunglasses in Gujarat
Mainly wood products.
They were released online in May 2016 and are manufactured using polarized lenses and steel hinges.
The price is between 499 and 499.
Details: woodworksinc.
If you\'re looking for a full
For a natural look, choose these elegant bamboo watches, which are handmade with a selection of bamboo variants.
Choose from a natural bamboo watch with a brown leather strap, a bamboo watch with a bamboo and Maple Watch, a bamboo watch with a green wooden dial, or a zebra strap.
Waterproof and lightweight
The weight of the watch comes in an elegant wrapped gift box.
The price is over 5 thousand and available in kraftly.
Carved from bamboo boards, these bows and cufflinks are a highlight of your wardrobe.
Created with CNC router, they are manualsanded and UV-
Coated with a smooth coating.
Bamboo cufflinks can be engraved with your initials as a unique custom gift.
There are also bows and cufflinks for walnut, Rosewood and zebra crossing.
The price of the bow tie is 999, and the price of the cuff is 499.
Details: woodgeekstore
Take the green route and go to fashion.
From necklaces, earrings to bracelets, almost everything is available in the renewable bamboo jewelry collection.
Recent innovations in bamboo research and newer design have added a new dimension to handmade jewelry. Light-
Weight and complexity, these works are made by artisans in tripla, and none of the two pieces are the same.
The price is between 50 and 300.
Details: tripurabambo. com, kraftly.
All the bamboo and wood in Kolkata are bothering the case.
Lumbr designed a series of bamboo phone cases.
Made with lights-
The weight of bamboo is different, and the texture can be carved accurately.
The rich texture of bamboo brings a rich appearance to the box, all the boxes can be laserengraved.
Available in lumbr.
In the price range of wood799 to 499, by combining real bamboo veneers with polycarbonate shells, Woodgeek\'s bamboo case is sliced from carefully selected bamboo logsThe 2-mm-
Thick veneers are coated with matte UV curing varnish and pasted on a polycarbonate housing to give the housing flexibility.
The box can be carved, and the combination creates a thin bamboo case that can be customized for engraving with photos or words.
They have two variations.
The slim and thin housing and bumper housing provide extra protection for your smartphone.
Available in woodgeekstore.
Com, phone cases range from WhatsApp 799 to bike trailer Bambike 499: a friend\'s suggestion lets Vijay Sharma work on the country\'s first bamboo bike prototype Bambike. The Bengaluru-
Headquartered in furniture designers and manufacturers, running his company\'s 6mm designs and furniture, bambike was created in just three days.
As there are not many buyers, Vijay has not taken the risk of selling it commercially.
The first prototype was made of raw solid bamboo with a metal sleeve at the joint.
The second prototype was made with thicker, hollow bamboo knots, which brought more rigidity to the bike.
Bike frame weighing about 3 lbs.
The 5 kg is made of hemp and resin, and the rest is bonded together with hemp fiber, with no metal sleeves.
\"My goal is to try the idea, perfect the art and pass it on to others,\" Vijay said . \" His passion is to try different materials and create things with them.
The original price for Bambike was 25 K, and there were very few buyers, so the price dropped to 15 K.
Although people like the idea, they have a problem with the price.
\"People think that bamboo is cheap, so the price of the product is lower.
But what they don\'t realize is that if a product is made by hand, it will cost you, \"added Vijay, who says bambike has more abroad
For more information, please mail Vijay in vijaycira @ gmail.
ComBikes of Bamboo India: Bamboo bikes are durable, resistant to pressure and impact and deliver energy effectively.
Currently manufactured by Bamboo India, there are three variants of bicycles --
Road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.
Each frame is handmade and brings a lot to the bike --
Durability required.
The frame is made of bamboo and needs to be treated to seal and prevent splitting.
There is a bicycle
Toxic satin polyurethane finish as steam seal.
This makes it easy to repair the bike.
Bicycles are customized.
Designed to meet specific needs, it can be used in exhibitions and cycling activities.
The starting price of the bamboo bike is £ 25 k, log in to bambooindia.
Com placed the ordered bike of Godrej: when Godrej and Vijay Crishna, executive director of the labor force Automotive Group in Boyce division traveled to Antarctica, he stumbled upon a bamboo
Frame bike ride throughout the Americas.
Inspired by bike design, he was interested in the strength, agility and design of the bike, and he invited bike designer Craig karfei to India to design the bike for the Indian market.
Using pseudo-manufacturing
Bamboo stand is a kind of bamboo, lighter and stronger than bamboo stand of soft steel bicycle.
The bikes have been tested on a 4,400 km-kilometer journey from Kanyakumari to Khardung
They performed well during the monsoon.
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