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Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC planer machine performance characteristics

by:YESHINE     2020-07-11
Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC planer slot machine performance characteristics, electronic - Hydraulic proportional servo synchronization, can be arbitrary point in the stroke control, repeat accuracy of & plusmn; 0. 01, parallelism of 0. Second, the workbench using deflection compensation oil cylinder ( Above) , the upper die with the deflection compensation agencies; Under the worktable with manual and automatic import convex device, more than 250 tons of the lower workbench equipped with automatic convex compensation mechanism. Third, with the Netherlands Delem company ( Can also be used with Swiss Cybelc) Grating ruler of computer system, hydraulic system assembly, servo motor valve group were imported, has good performance, with strong partial load resistance. Four, stroke ( Yl,Y2) Behind, ( X, R, Z) Five behind, the ball screw, rolling guide rail, high repeat precision. More than six, and can be specially made seven axis nc machine, manipulator or sheet metal flexible manufacturing center, etc.
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