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【 CNC planer machine 】 CNC planer machine bending accuracy requirement

by:YESHINE     2020-06-28
Bending accuracy requirement is a careful consideration, it is this factor, determines the you need to consider a plane slot machine or hand control CNC machine. If the bending precision & plusmn; 1° And cannot be changed, you must focus on CNC machine. Sliding block repeat precision CNC planer machine for & plusmn; 0. 0004 inches, forming precision of Angle that should be used in precision and good mould. Manual slider repeat precision planing machine is & plusmn; 0. 002 inches, and under the condition of using suitable mould generally produce & plusmn; 2~3° The deviation. In addition, CNC cutting machine to prepare for loading die quickly, when you need to bend, many small batch parts, this is a no doubt consider the reasons.
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